About us

We aim to be the bridge between “children with life-threatening illness and their families” and “the society”.

“Hope & Wish for Children with Life-Threatening Illness and Their Families [known as ‘Hope&Wish’]” is a nonprofitable organization that support children with critical illness and their families from all over Japan.
Through our programs, we aim to realize the society where each person can feel their connection to the community, and be able to dream.

It’s not only the children with the disease who are facing difficulties in their daily lives, but their mothers and fathers who stay with their children all the time taking care, and their brothers and sisters who withhold their loneliness and desire to cuddle with their parents. Each member of the family confronts the illness, while feeling all sort of emotions.

That is why we cherish the time and the place where the whole family can laugh together from the bottom of their heart and feel that they’re part of the society.

The word “health” does not only imply the state of physical and psychological wellbeing.
It also includes “the state of social wellbeing”, where one can establish a good connection with the society and live without any worries.

Through our permanent interaction with the families, we create an opportunity to bring home the sense of being a family, meaning of life, and the feeling of happiness, and to nourish them together within the society.
We aim to become the bridge between “children with life-threatening illness and their families” and “the community” around them.

What we do

Wish Vacation(the whole family trip)

Creating a bond between families and the society, nourishing the strength for tomorrow.

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With a help from supporting individual and community partners, we welcome all the family members to Wish Vacation free of any charges as well as providing physical care during the trip.

Children with life-threatening diseases and their families tend to lose their connection with the society. Through Wish Vacation, we encourage them to interact with a variety of people from the community, and aim to deliver the feeling that they’re not alone; “It’s ok, you are not alone.” By so, we encourage families to have their own dreams and to gain the courage to face the future.

During Wish Vacation, we ask mothers and fathers to participate in a dialogue with our staff to obtain better mutual understandings. This “Parents Permanent Dialogue” we hold in each Wish Vacation is designed to help deepen the bond of the family and seek hope and energy for tomorrow by letting mothers and fathers speak up their minds and sort out their feelings. We share such meaningful time together.

Also, for the children and their families at high risk who have difficulties going outside, we provide “Snow White Program” and “Cinderella Program”, where we hold parties at home and in hospital rooms.

Our previous vacations include:
・Trip to theme parks such as Tokyo Disney Land (Tokyo) and Universal Studio Japan (Osaka)
・Trip to resort areas including Okinawa, Hiroshima, and Wakayama
・One day tour to Asakusa and Tokyo

Contact us!

Should you have any questions (ex. about our work, about donation, how to support us, etc.), feel free to contact us now!

Hope&Wish for Children with Life-Threatening Illness and Their Families
4A Gojo Building 2-9-10
Irifune Chuo-ku Tokyo
104-0042 JAPAN
TEL: 03-6280-3214 FAX: 03-6280-3215 Mail: info@yumewo.org
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